Pete Adams working on the 'Peace & Loaf' Lettering Mural for STAPLE Bakery, 2018.

Pete Adams working on the 'Peace & Loaf' Lettering Mural for STAPLE Bakery, 2018.


A UK born designer now living on the sunny shores of Sydney's Northern Beaches. Trained with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design and over 6 years industry experience in England and Australia working with global clients, now working independently. 

Specialising in custom typography, illustration and branding. He has worked on a broad range of projects from Branding & Identity, packaging, app design, education platforms and everything in-between.

To work with him on a project, get a mural done to brighten up your office/home or find out how he can help you and your business just email: 

Why work with me/Process & Methodology

I normally work with big studios, are you able to provide the same service? 

Yes, one of the joys of being an independent designer is the direct relationship I get with clients. Getting to work together rather than for someone with no extra links in the communication process. It also means you are always guaranteed senior designer quality. As studios are very expensive to run, you can unfortunately end up paying for senior creatives and then getting the work knocked out by juniors or even interns (Not always the case, and there are some very good studios out there doing great work). As a contractor I've unfortunately seen far too many brand assets or documents terribly set up for this very reason. So when you hire me, you get my work, simple.

How can you manage larger or more complex projects? 

Although I'm an independent designer, I do occasionally work with other creatives or studio's in order to manage larger projects. Throughout my years in the industry I've built up a great collection of colleagues from photographers, to animators, web designers, film operators, illustrators and print companies. If a project requires some extra hands or specific skills, I can reach out to ensure you get the best outcome.

You are more expensive than other people, can you reduce your rate? 

Unfortunately not. They say you buy cheap, then you buy twice. Good work takes time and good experience makes a huge impact on professional outcomes and delivering value. I've been lucky enough to work on a vast number of projects and brands including Cochlear, 3M, the BBC, NSW Government, Johnson & Johnson, and more. Nestled alongside 4 years university education and number of post university courses, including User Experience Design at General Assembly, my education and experience allows me to deliver great creative work and high value to your business. It's worth the investment.

What's your favourite band?

Dire Straits, followed closely by Fleetwood Mac. I grew up listening to Dire Straits tapes on every family car journey down to Cornwall for our holidays. That excitements never left me and you will often find me listening to their albums on repeat. I'm currently collecting them all on vinyl.

Can you only do the type of work featured on your website?

Of course not. One of the things I believe about any good designer is that their problem solving skills means they can solve any brief handed to them. I've worked in print and digital to create brochures, adverts, websites and apps; but I've also worked to create online education platforms, interactive sliding digital glass screens, animations, TVC's, fashion shoots and staff training using magic. My job as a designer has always thrown new and interesting projects at me, so whatever your idea, let's talk.

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