Taken by my better half - Jules Curry.

Taken by my better half - Jules Curry.


A UK born and bred designer now living on the sunny shores of Sydney's Northern Beaches. Trained as a graphic designer with over 5 years industry experience in England and Australia working with global clients, now working independently. 

Specialising in custom typography, illustration and branding. I've worked on a broad range of projects ranging from packaging to branding to webdesign and education platforms along with everything in between.

To work with me on a project or see a full portfolio and CV just email: hello@peteadamsdesign.rocks and let me know how I can help.


Design is effective communication. It doesn't just require a software skillset but a creative mind and an understanding of how to communicate. How to bring ideas together to create something memorable.

Over my 5 years working in the industry I've covered a huge range of projects and gained a mass of experience to help you grown your brand. Whether you're a small company starting out or a large company with a global audience, we can work together to develop a strategy with the deliverables needed to move you forward. Below are some of the services I offer:

Branding & Identity Design - Brand Strategy, Brand architecture, Logo development, Taglines, Colour Palettes & Brand Guidelines.

Marketing Design - Marketing Strategy, Print advertising, Web advertising, Digital sales tools, Social Media.

Copywriting - Brand messaging, Key selling messages, Advertising headlines & body copy.

Creative & Art direction - Overlooking projects from start to finish or simply aiding a photo/video shoot to produce the desired outcome.

Illustration & Custom lettering - bespoke images and messaging, hand lettered logotypes and monograms.

For more information on any of the above or any other design needs you might have, just get in touch. Thanks!