Lost Boys Book Club

Branding & Identity Design

The Lost Boys' Book Club is a new company, designed to provide book recommendations and resources to avid readers in the surf and travel world. They needed a logo which encompassed the relaxed lifestyle vibe of the brand and reflected the founder.

The logo was hand drawn to give it a perfectly unique, castaway quality. It needed to feel authentic, as though it was sketched in a notebook or etched into a tree trunk with a knife.

For the website function, I hand illustrated a map of the world which will be used to add pins to for locations which have been reviewed.

Imagery is designed to match the slow living, surf loving lifestyle which Lost Boys Book Club has developed from. This image was shot in Sri Lanka.

As the Lost Boys' Book Club developed they wanted to add in a few extra events. As avid surfers the idea for a social boardriders club emerged and so the Lost Boys' Boardriders Club logo was born. This was designed on the computer to be a slight tweak of the original logo. Adding a more social and surf focused element.

You’ve captured the vision perfectly! You are a visual poet, a master of the marker!
— Stuart McKerihan - Client