Lost Boys' Book Club

Branding Design, illustration, social media

For many a reader, there is great joy in finding a perfectly written book to accompany your next trip. It is even better when the book is set in the location you are traveling to. Stu McKerihan is an English History teacher who spends his holidays exploring the worlds hidden gems in search of culture and waves. He spends his morning surfing and then finds himself under a palm tree with a book or journal for the remainder of the day. While friends often came to him for recommendations, he wanted to expand the reach, and so the Lost Boys' Book Club was born. A place where people could discover new literature and new places, exchange ideas, and inspire new novels.

The simplicity of lifestyle which Stu lives needed to be represented in the Lost Boys' Book Club. A simple accessibility. An ease of life. A brand to encompass this. So the logo was sketched by hand, designed to reflect the personality of Stu.

Stickers were the first promotional item designed for the book club which will shortly be followed by a small run of T-shirts. Custom lettering and illustration was used to bring to life a few phrases written to support the lost boys' lifestyle of surfing and reading.

Imagery is designed to match the slow living, surf loving lifestyle which Lost Boys Book Club has developed from. This image was shot in Sri Lanka.

When launching the Lost Boys' Book Club, the visual element was very important to sit well alongside prose. We worked on a social media strategy that would deliver the right mix of lifestyle imagery and prose. I created templates for quotes, to be interdispersed between photography.

You’ve captured the vision perfectly! You are a visual poet, a master of the marker!
— Stuart McKerihan - Client

For the website function, I hand illustrated a map of the world which will be used to add pins to for locations which have been reviewed.