Rewined Furniture

Branding & Identity Design

Rewined Furniture creates custom and unique pieces of furniture from old wine barrels. Each piece is made by hand to order, so the goal was to represent this unique offering in the logo.

To ensure a unique and ownable brandmark the logo was designed entirely by hand before being digitised to finish and tidy.

As well as a full logo, the brand also required a makers mark. A stamp to go on each piece of furniture to mark it as part of the Rewined group. The monogram on the right here is the makers mark, a simplified, bolded version of the full logo designed for small reproduction and metal embossing.

A full colour palette was developed as part of the brand guidelines and these main colours were inspired by the bright stains that 30 years of winemaking had left on the barrels used.

As part of the branding, I also created a Brand Guidelines document to include use of colour, typography and online/product use recomendations.